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Blackheads are a natural part of the human body. Everybody gets them from time-to-time. What's disappointing is just how much of a negative impact they have on your facial experience.

The most common spot for blackheads to appear on is your nose. As this is the most distinguishable part of your face, it is no surprise you would want to get rid of blackheads on your nose.

As part of Acne Vulgaris, a chronic inflammatory skin condition, it affects 85% of the U.S population. Claiming the title as most common skin condition.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • You have felt depressed.
  • You have self-esteem issues because of acne.
  • You have skipped social events.
  • Or even had suicidal thoughts.

Did you know almost half of the people who suffer from clogged pores on their nose do nothing to remove them?

get rid of blackheads on nose

If any of the above sounds familiar, and you are ready to take the next step in getting rid of blackheads on your nose. Keep reading...

The blackhead dilemma

Blackheads or open comedomes are clogged pores filled with bacteria, dead cells and oil (sebum) clumped together. When this mixture gets exposed to air it starts oxidizing. As it oxidizes, the color of the mixture will slowly turn darker until it's black. This is why a blackhead is not always black, they can also be yellow or light brown. Not to be confused with whiteheads.

It’s quite a popular notion that “blackheads are the cause of bad hygiene”. You might have believed this yourself for a long time but now, after experiencing it yourself, you know there are multiple causes:

  • Hormones
  • Genetics
  • Menstruation
  • Stress
  • Medication

This shows that cleansing your face more does not necessarily help with removing blackheads.

Remember when I asked if some of the above statements sounded familiar? Here’s some validation for you from a joint project of the SID (Society for Investigative Dermatology) and the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology):

  • 92% of Acne sufferers have felt depressed.
  • 45% have self-esteem issues because of acne.
  • 30% has skipped social events because their self-esteem got so low.
  • Over 10% has had suicidal thoughts because their acne got out of hand.

Percentages only tell part of the story. So let's look at it in another way:

  • Over 4,000 people per day search for treatments with words like "how to get rid of blackheads on nose"
  • That's 120,000 people per month trying to find the best way to remove blackheads!

As you can see, you’re not alone. Open comedomes are a real problem for a big portion of the population.

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My story of getting rid of blackheads

Let met introduce myself, my name is Sarah Mitchell. I'm not a doctor, dermatologist or nutritionist. I'm just a girl who used to suffer horribly from blackheads on my nose and cheek. I decided to start this site after many acquaintances asked for help with removing their blackheads.


What I want to do here is go through the different treatments to get rid of blackheads I tried myself and then share with you the unique step-by-step method I used to actually remove my acne completely after many years of suffering.

While all the medical advice mentioned on this site doesn't harmn your health or skin, the misuse of certain products can have a negative impact on health related conditions. If you suffer from a health condition, please discuss these treatments with your doctor.

So, without delaying you any further, let's dive deeper into your options:

It is important to remember that blackheads are not dirt and will not be removed by scrubbing harder. Physically scrubbing your face will only irritate it and create small wounds that causes acne and skin irritations. All of these treatments require little to no physical power, always treat your facial skin gently.

chemical exfoliation to remove blackheadsChemical Exfoliants

Chemical exfoliants are a safe and effective way to scrub your skin without causing too much damage. They improve the skin appearance and can repair some of hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage. It also reduces the visibility of wrinkles and smoothens out the skin texture, giving you a healthy glow.

There are two different type of chemical exfoliants: alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and beta hydroxy acid(BHA).

AHA's are better at penetrating the epidermis and will help moisturize because of its humectant properties. On the other hand, because BHA's are oil soluble, the salicylic acid can also go into the pores of deep blackheads.

While Chemical exfoliants are an integral part of your skincare routine and should definately be used. They are topical and therefor only a part of the solution.

get rid of blackheads with facial steamingFacial Steaming

Facial Steaming is a quick and easy natural home remedy to remove blackheads from nose. It will soften tand increase the permeation of the skin, making it more effective for exfoliation and any cream you put on your skin afterwards.

While you can do facial steaming without any equipment, I do advise you to use a steamer like the KINGA Nano Ionic NanoCare as the water will be at the perfect temperature for maximum efficiency. It will also prevent you from getting burned.

It should not be done more than once or twice a week as it could dry out your skin and even cause broken capillaries, which can only be removed with laser surgery.

Clay Masksremove blackheads on nose with clay mask

A pore cleansing clay mask can draw out the deep blackheads and refresh your facial skin. It has been used for over thousand years and suggested to be the best way to treat blackheads.

I used to love the Mint Julep Mask to get rid of blackheads on my nose. It is a very popular clay mask and gives your skin a very smooth feling afterwards. Using this mask removed many open comodomes on my nose and definately helped with my self-esteem before I met up with friends and family.

A clay mask is not a permanent solution, it is perfect to clear up your skin the day or evening before you go out. It sucks out all sebum (oil produced by your skin) which can result in dry spots on your skin after using the mask only once.

clear blackheads with oil cleansingOil Cleansing Method

The sebaceous gland overproducing sebum is one of the main causes for blackheads. The cause for this overproduction can be one of above mentioned causes. Using the oil cleansing method will pull out all this sebum produced by the gland, and with it the bacteria and dead skin cells it covers. While in theory this sounds like a perfect solution, reality is a bit different and depends on multiple factors.

In order to use OCM to get rid of blackheads on your nose you need to get lucky and find an oil that doesn't also breaks you out and cover your face in acne. That's right, OCM is one of the only treatments that has a high chance of causing more harm than good.

Another side effect of OCM is the physical rubbing of your face can cause broken capillaries. If you do decide to try out this method, make sure to be very gentle on your skin and never rub for more than 30 seconds.

I know many of you who read this have already tried out atleast one of these techniques and figured out that while it can bring positive effects. It doesn't remove the blackheads completely. Luckily there is an alternative option that doesn't just combat the topical problem, but tries to fight the deep blackheads and acne from the inside out.

A step-by-step treatment to get rid of blackheads

This is the treatment I used to completely remove blackheads on my nose, and acne over my entire face.

It gives you the opportunity to finally stop the bad feeling you get when looking closely in a mirror...

  • Cure acne in less than 2 months
  • See results before your first week
  • Remove blackheads completely
  • Look better and get back the self-esteem you lost
  • Never having to skip social events anymore
  • Remove many acne scars
  • completely illustrated step-by-step treatment guide!

Why did I chose this guide and not another one?best way to clear pores

  • It has sold over 100,000 copies
  • It's written by Mike Walden. A health consultant, medical researcher and nutritionist.
  • I could not find any negative reviews on it
  • It offered a 100% unconditional money back guarantee if it did not work in 60 days. 

I have to admit, I was reluctant to buy this guide at first, even with the guarantee. But then I realised it costs less than my favorite moisturizer.

You will have to decide for yourself if you think paying this small sum of money for a guide that will drastically improve your life is worth it. I decided to try it out and ask for a refund if it didn't work. I never had to ask for a refund... because it worked.

I can't begin to describe how much my life changed. I feel amazing when I look in the mirror and can interact with other people without worrying.

If you made up your mind, you can check it out for yourself...

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Thank you

You might be feeling that one of the options mentioned further up the page will work perfectly for you. By all means go ahead and try it out, you are free to apply whatever you want to your skin.

I hope if you do, it works for you. The other 99% of us will not be so lucky and still have to deal with blackheads and acne on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. This is why I suggest getting this self guided treatment book that makes everything look so simple.

If you do reach to this part of the page I want to thank you for spending some time on here. Hopefully you have learned something worthwhile that you can test on your skin.

I also want to thank Mike Walden for creating this guide that changed my life.

Kind regards,

Sarah Mitchell

Check out the Blackhead Removal Guide

If you are interested in knowing more about blackheads you can read more about them underneath. This has nothing to do with the Mark Walden's Guide anymore.

What causes blackheads?

The two main causes for clogged pores are the abundance of oil and the size of your pores.

Oil or sebum is produced by the sebaceous gland for protection of your skin. The amount of sebum produced is influenced by your hormones. An overproduction of sebum can cause the sebaceous gland duct to become blocked. While cleansers are very effective against acne, they cannot help you much with an overproduction of oil.

The size of your pores is the other direct cause for the clogging. While everyone is born with different sizes of pores, it can also be influenced badly by certain blackhead removal products. The two most common culprits are the extractor tool and pore strips. While both can give you good results on short time, they will increase the rate dirt & bacteria gathers in your pores.

While those are the main causes to get dirt and bacteria in your pores on nose, there are a few smaller and indirect causes. Changing or stopping these can also have positive effects to get rid of blackheads on nose.

Make-up & Skincare products

Certain make-up & skincare products are comedogenic, this means they contain an ingredient able to clog your pores. If you keep having blackheads, try to stop using those brands for a period of time and see if your skin improves.


Medication is able to give you acne & deep blackheads fast, if you are under medication read the accompanying paper instructions, ask your doctor, or try to search it on the internet.

Food & Drinks

While there is a lot of controversy around it, certain food & drinks can be a potential cause for you having to get rid of blackheads. It is said alcohol and caffeine stimulate your sebaceous gland, increasing the production of sebum. The same can be said about food containing a high amount of carbohydrates, but the results of the studies are inconclusive. Even though the results are inconclusive, it is best to lower your alcohol and caffeine consumption for other health related matters.


We all know smoking is bad for your health and can cause lung cancer and potentially other diseases. The smoke is also blocking your pores and damaging your skin. Avoid them not only for your health, but also for your skin!


Going out for a run? Make sure to get all that sweat off if you don't shower directly after. Sweat clogs pores, even on your ears! If you'd like to read more about how to prevent getting clogged pores in your ears, I suggest you read my Blackheads in ear blogpost

How to prevent blackheads

While there is no guaranteed way to prevent blackheads from getting on your face. There is a way to minimize the chance of them appearing. The first thing you should do is throw out all the extractor tools and pore strips as they will only make the clogged pores return in greater numbers.

The second thing you should to for prevention is to reduce the chance of indirect causes being the culprits.

The most important for last, have a proper skincare routine. I have noticed great differences in acne & open comedomes by just changing my moisturizer or cleanser.

A basic skincare routine

Before you start using any of the methods listed beneath you should know that they won't have long lasting effects if you arn't using at least a basic skincare routine. It is really simple at will only cost you 10 minutes of your day.


The first thing you are going to do every morning is splash your face with water and apply a dermatologist accepted cleanser. I will list a few suggestions that I personally approve beneath.

The CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser is one of the most suggested cleansers for oily skin on online fora. I still use it sometimes when I'm not testing out new products for blackheads.

We also got the Cetaphil Facial Cleanser for Oily Skin. If I'm not using CeraVe and am not testing out new products, you can probably find a bottle of this in my bathroom. It's a great cleanser but can be harsh if you have dry skin.


After cleansing your face with one of the previously mentioned cleansers, or if you already have another favorite, it is time to re-hydrate that skin of yours. Picking a proper moisturizer is really important in combating blackheads. I've noticed by just changing my moisturizer, my chances of getting clogged pores increased a tenfold. One thing you should always look at when buying a moisturizer is that it is non-comodogenic. Now let me list my favorite few.

moisturizer skincareAgain we go back to CeraVe, the CeraVe Facial Lotion is just great. This product is simply amazing. It contains no alcohol or fragrances and is a great face moisturizer for oily skin.

The Soft Moisturizing Cream with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E from Nivea has made my skin silky smooth. It's one of the best face moisturizer for dry skin.

Once you've gotten a moisturizer and a cleanser, you will notice the effect of any black head removal method will stay for much longer or even permanent.